Firebrand atheism, or New Atheism, is a loosely connected community of outspoken atheists with the goal of creating awareness of our own existence as atheists, explaining our views on religion and changing public opinion about atheism and about religion.

Unlike some other atheists those that label themselves firebrands are unapologetic and outspoken about their atheism and many cross over into what the late Christopher Hitchens referred to as anti-theism.

The messages firebrand atheists put out about religion can often seem inflammatory, even offensive, to the sensibilities of believers but coddling those trapped in the delusion of theism is no longer necessary now that the internet exists. Atheism, agnosticism and other forms of non-belief can become normalized and the grossly overpowered overly privileged institutions of religion can finally be seen for what they really are, bloated corrupt human organizations touting ancient myth as actual reality.

If you are an atheist and are not convinced that firebrand atheism, such as Fuck the Bible, is a good thing for atheism and for society in general check out this video: